Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni

JM CO2020

Jon Miller, DVM (Undergraduate Researcher)

Current student Washington State University, working in a virology laboratory investigating cellular entry mechanisms used by the herpesvirus pseudorabies virus.

David Berry

David Berry, MS (Undergraduate Research and Research Technician)

Bacteriology/Clinical Pathology Technician

-Wyoming State Veterinary Lab


Sam Jacobs (Undergraduate Researcher)

PhD in Public Health student

-University of Minnesota


Patrick LaBreck, PhD (Undergraduate Researcher)

PhD Candidate

-Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Melia DeVivo

Melia Devivo, PhD (Post-doctoral Researcher)

Ungulate Research Scientist

-Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Melia DeVivo is an ungulate research scientist for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). She captures and radio-collars wildlife around the state to study various aspects of ungulate ecology, demography, and movements. Dr. DeVivo’s research is one tool used to guide WDFW’s wildlife management plans.


Corinne Vaughan (Undergraduate Researcher)

Undergraduate and Necropsy Technician

-Department of Veterinary Sciences and Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory


McKensie Harris, MS (Undergraduate Researcher)
MS student

-Texas A&M


John Lopez (SRAP High School Student – Summer 2014)
Undergraduate student

-Colorado State University – Pueblo


Jacob Berg (Graduate Researcher)

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Candidate

-A.T. Stills University – Mesa, AZ

Amy Williams, graduate student in veterinary science, 
and assistant professor, Dr. Brant Schumaker, trap and collect horseflies which may carry a parasite causing arterial worms in moose.  Photographed in the Snowy Range.

Amy Williams, MS (Master of Science Student)

Alpine Feedground 3Feb11 092

Mandy Kauffman, MS (Master of Science Student)


-West Inc.

Noah Hull

Noah Hull, MPH, PhD (Ph.D. Student)

Microbiology Programs Manager

Wyoming Public Health Laboratory

Wyoming Department of Health


Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith, MS (Post-Graduate Labortorian)

Necropsy Laboratory Technician

Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory