Canine Dysautonomia

Canine Dysautonomia

Canine Dysautonomia (CD) is a sporadic and largely fatal autonomic neurological disorder that has been seen in the United States, United Kingdom and areas of Western Europe. After numerous investigations into CD an etiologic agent has not yet been identified. The disease progression is quite quick, lasting anywhere from days to two-weeks in most cases. Euthanasia is the most common end point with a mortality rate of >90%.  Clinical signs of CD include the elevation of third eyelids, straining to defecate or urinate, vomiting, and dry crusty nose. No definitive diagnosis can be made while the animal is still alive, however, testing can give the clinician a better indicator if the dog is suffering from CD.

The University of Wyoming and the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory are currently conducting research on CD. Although funding is scarce, we are open to discussing cases with owners and clinicians. At this time we are not accepting research submissions unless there is prior approval from Dr. Schumaker. As a diagnostic laboratory we are always willing to accept samples to confirm the diagnosis of CD on a fee basis.

In the near future, we plan to relaunch a research campaign on this disease through a grassroots effort. More information on this can be found on this website when that time comes. Our aim is to identify the cause of CD so that treatment and preventive measures may be taken to prevent other animals from suffering with this disease.


How to help support Canine Dysautonomia research:

There are two options to make TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gifts to the CD Research Fund at the University of Wyoming.

Option 1: You can mail a check to the address below.  Please include the phrase “Vet. Sciences DDF- Dysautonomia” on the memo line of the check or accompanying correspondence.

University of Wyoming Foundation
Attn: Jack Tennant
222 South 22nd Street
Laramie, WY  82070

Option 2:  You can make a gift online with a card at the University of Wyoming webpage:  At the top of this webpage is a link titled “Give to UW.”  This directs you to a secure website where you can make your gift.  Under the Designation section on this webpage please type the phrase “Vet. Sciences DDF- Dysautonomia” in the text box to the right of language that states “If other, specify here:”